Hwisel Commercial EV Charging Solutions 4000 x 2000 Hwisel High-Power EV Charging

Fast Ev charging

For the most demanding commercial and industrial needs. Talk to us about your project:

Commercial Charger Solutions

Congratulations on taking the first step to electrify your property. EV charging stations are like gas stations offering a different fuel. EV charging stations require a complement of services, ensuring the pump is working, the electricity is flowing, meter reading, billing, and access control, amongst other services. 

Unlocking the Potential: EV Charging Station Programs

Investing in EV infrastructure provides excellent opportunities to meet the needs of your organization. You can involve more employees, visitors and clients in the EV revolution. The engagement will allow you to increase revenue, and expand your network of customers. By encouraging electrification, your company can build an environmentally responsible image. It will represent your full contribution to a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future through best business practices.

Hwisel_Multi-residential_EV_Charging 2000 x 2000


• Shared parking

(Visitor or Private)

• Dedicated parking

(Residence parking)

Hwisel_Corporate_EV_Charging 2000 x 2000


• Staff parking

• Visitor parking

• Company vehicles

• Service vans

Institutional_HWisel_Charging_Programs 2000 x 2000


• Staff parking

• Visitor parking

• Government, Non-profit,

Institutional, Hospitals

Our advisors will be happy to review your project and provide a proposal.

Charging infrastructure costs are heavily influenced by installation requirements and less by equipment selection. The parking configuration, the number of parking spots, shared by multiple EVs or dedicated, will all play a role in the costs.

What we offer






Hwisel is the only CPO (Charging Point Operator) with IoT experience to enable:

• Smart Charging

• Load Management

• Grid Optimization

• System Notifications for Increased Uptime

• On Demand Service


• Quality Certified Hardware

• Level 2 and Level 3 Chargers Available

• Single or Dual Plug Versions


• Design-Build-Operate

• Billing Services

• Access Management

• Network Cards/Tags

• Data Reporting and Analysis


HWisel delivers software using the SaaS (Software as a Service) approach.

Below are some key features:

• iOS and Android Apps

• EMP (E Mobility Provider) Operating System for EV Charging

• Connect Any OCPP EV Charger to Our Platform

• Manage Revenue, Users, Energy Output, and more.

Financial benefits

Hwisel EV unique and customizable solutions range from purchase options to ‘Pay per Charge’.

With Hwisel EV you don’t need to own the EV charger(s), you don’t need to manage, service, or
upgrade the charger(s). Hwisel EV delivers the solution without the baggage of ownership.


No Installation Costs Or Management Responsibility

No Upfront

Capital Cost

No Installation Costs Or Management Responsibility

No Equipment Risk,

Service Or Maintenance.

No Installation Costs Or Management Responsibility

No Installation Costs Or

Management Responsibility

Need service, need a replacement part, no problem, all included at no extra charge!

Let’s partner to deliver more choices, fewer obstacles, towards a cleaner environment, while enjoying a low-cost hassle-free EV charger solution.

Quality equipment, professional
installation, best in class customer web and mobile tools are all available for Level 2 and Level 3 chargers.