Agreements EV Charging Solutions 4000 x 2000


We invite you to read the detailed terms and conditions pertaining to your plans from the agreements below.
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EV Charging As A Service Agreement

The agreement covers what is included in your standard installation and what happens if we need to quote for extra work.
You can find all the details by clicking on the link below:


Condo unit owner service agreement

The agreement includes all the information to inform a Customer about necessary Terms and Conditions and provide them with a reliable, trouble-free electrical car charging system located within a parking space. To find out more, click here:


Consumer Terms of Sale

Agreement that covers the terms users agree to on submitting orders or accepting or using products.
You can find the detailed Terms of Sale Agreement by clicking on the link below:


EV Charger buyout schedule

Single Family Residential Installations. To learn more click on the link below:


EVSE Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

To make the most of the Extended Warranty, it's essential to grasp its policy elements and guidelines at: