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Dive into our flexible EV charging plans. Equip yourself with HWisel's agreements for full potential:

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Our business is about facilitating the mass adoption of EV chargers. To do this, we offer our customers with affordable service plans, monthly payments, Pay Per Charge plans, and more. We can even custom design a plan for you, your business, or property.

Hwisel is a direct lender. This means you deal with us directly. And, since we are a direct lender, we are able to approve all homeowners, no credit check required! Simply use our Store, enroll, get your charger! If you are a condo or residential multi-unit building, well you are approved as well!

Hwisel EV makes it easy for you to save money without having to use the Public Charging network. We not only cover the cost of the charger, but we also cover installation cost, service, monitoring, helpdesk, and more.

Commercial customers can also benefit from our Administration Services. We can facilitate ‘At Home Chargers’ for employees with billing back to the corporation. Employee reimbursement for electrifying company vehicles at home is our specialty. Reach out today to learn more.