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Hwisel EV Smart AC Charger Commercial, 50 Amp, EVSE 11.5 kW

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+ Powerful Performance. 200-240-volt Smart Commercial AC Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station - IOCAH-32/40/50. EVSE 11.5 kW output charges any EV faster than a regular outlet, with flexible amperage settings up to 50 amps depending on electrical supply service (32/40/50 Amp). 

Streamlined Design. Simple & Elegant Appearance. Unique installation design with independent backplate for power cable connection to save installation time and cost. Customizable breathing light, color, flash speed, etc. according to preferences.

 + Advanced Technology:

 Data Protocol. This charger comes preloaded with OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0.1 open operating system.

 Safe & Reliable:

  • CE UL Compliant, IEC62955, and IEC61008 certified.
  • Type 1 SAE J1772 compliant plug works on any vehicle.
  • Protection: RCD (Residual current device): Integrated, 20mA CCID; Electrical Protection from: Over current, Under voltage, Over voltage, Over temperature, Surge protection, Short circuit, PNE earth fault monitoring.

Compatible With All EVs. Single Phase. Charge any EV currently available with power from the grid, solar, battery, or all source, including Tesla (with the Tesla-provided J1172 adapter.

Smart Network Connectivity & Benefits. Intelligent Ethernet, Cellular, and WLAN Switching. User-friendly Web Portal. Simple configuration to any charging network. Easy network communication. Automatic recovery after a minor fault. Remote management and smart charging.

Energy Meter & Smart Grid Savings.  Meter IC for Measuring and Load balancing. Smart Dynamic Load Balancing supports up to 252 pcs. With Hwisel EV Cloud Services control access to the charger. Schedule your EV charging when rates are lower. Track and balance your electricity consumption. Optimize your charging times. Manage EV charging billing. Generate separate expense reports for 3rd party costs, and more.

User Authentication / Identification via built-in RFID card reader (ISO 14443 A/B) or Mobile App.

Display. Monitor charging activity with the 2.8″ LCD screen.

Power-sharing. Connect two or more Hwisel chargers to the same electrical circuit to safely charge multiple EVs simultaneously. Requires Hwisel EV Cloud Services. 

+ More Included: 

Button: 1x Physical Button.

Indications: Standby (Green), Charging (Flashing Green), Fault (Red), Waring (Flash Red)

Charging Cable Length: IP55. The 39ft (12m) cable length ensures space and comfort in using the charging station. We also provide a mounting bracket, user manual, mobile app, and live phone support for the installation and operation of the unit.

Mobile App: iOS / Android

+ Multi-payment Options. 

  • Integrated Nayax, Payter Terminal for credit card payments
  • RFID
  • APP

+ Indoor & Outdoor Use:

  • Operating Temp.: -30 °C ~ 50 °C / -86 °F ~ 122 °F
  • Storage Temp.: -40 °C ~ 70 °C / -104 °F ~ 158 °F
  • Working Humidity: 5%~95% without condensation
  • Mounting Type: Easy wall-mounted EV Charger/ Floor post (optional accessory) is dedicated to electric vehicle owners who appreciate high quality and stylish and unique design connected with functionality. It is rated for dust and water resistance, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Enclosure Rating: Type 3R

  + Easy & Convenient Installation. This Hwisel AC EV charger is ready for easy installation by a certified electrician. Hwisel EV offers installation services for commercial customers.

Dimensions: 14.96" x11.34" x5.55" (380mm x 288mm x 141cm); Weight: 14.33 lb (6.5 kg)

+ Warranty Protection: 2 Years

Specification List: You can see and download the brochure with the specs here

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