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Multiple options for easy payments and EV charging management.

Residential / Commercial / Fleet Software

next-generation management solution for ev charge points

Hwisel Cloud-based System stands as a thoroughly open and interoperable Platform for Managing Electric Vehicle Charging.

Installing EV chargers is just the starting point for many clients. Skillful management of fueling stations becomes a
requirement, and taking on this responsibility internally is a complex undertaking.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution embraces the benefits of cloud computing, providing a deployment procedure for EV charging infrastructure that is both efficient and financially prudent.

Use Cases:

Corporates that need charger access control, cost allocation by department, management reporting, and more.

Multi-residential properties that need to account for and charge back electricity usage.

Public chargers are requiring billing and settlement services.

Other applications include load management, demand response, and more.

The framework manages Time-of-Use rates, by the minute, kWh, per charger or group. Near real-time load balancing for single chargers, sites with multiple chargers, or complete campus encompassing numerous spots with advanced algorithms for energy management and demand response. Hwisel Charging Station Management System (CSMS) allows us to monitor, maintain, and adjust energy consumption for commercial buildings, fleets, and multi-dwelling units according to business needs and specified priorities. The level of power supplied to the chargers and energy utilization is visually displayed and can be regulated according to EV and site requirements.

charging station operator

charging point operator

We install and operate a network of interconnected charging stations for multi-residential, corporate, and institutional parking with our app and RFID tags.

emobility provider

e-mobility provider

We offer efficient and convenient electric charging solutions to the end customer, managing the payment, customer care, and unique value-added services.




Hwisel CSMS streamlines the charging experience while optimizing usage and revenue for charging infrastructure with the advanced SaaS software tools:

Quality EV Charging Equipment

Setup charging stations

Connect Hwisel's or any OCPP-capable AC or DC charger and enable network communications to gain visibility of its performance data.

Monitoring, remote diagnostics, live help desk support

real-time information

EV charger status monitoring and data reporting on user-friendly Hwisel's admin dashboard with unlimited profiles.

Hwisel EV charger installation

Metering & historic data

Display meter readings and historical records in the most convenient way.

Charger Management Service

Manage Power

Access advanced energy management and active load balancing.

Hwisel help desk

schedule availability

Plan and set the best time for your EV charging preferences.

Billing and settlement services

User & access management

Access and group data information by account, by site, or by an EV charger. Set user permissions with our flexible API.

Equipment and installation financing

Calculate costs

Set pricing, tariffs and separately track electricity and costs on a personal or company account.

Quick connect RFID Tag

Billing & Payments

Collect end-user fees. Use various payment methods like credit cards, the app, or a connected RFID card. Secure, PCI-compliant payment platform.

Subscription Programs

In-depth reports

Standard, customized, and raw data reporting for powerful insights to optimize EV operations.

Equipment Installation Financing

Issue alerts

Quick OTA (Other The Air) response to charging issues, peace of mind network reliability, and maximum uptime with automatic equipment health monitoring and 24/7 issue notifications.

Hwisel Mobile EV charging App

Software updates

Over-the-air charger software updates are pushed seamlessly from the Hwisel dashboard.

Phone Online Support

phone & online support

Guaranteed live customer and technical assistance within 24 hours.

leading EV charging app

Our Cloud-Based platform services are made operational with the Hwisel Driver App. You can provide visibility on the location of one or multiple chargers in the network or outside.

Only those authorized can activate a charger, view charging rates, and charging history, update their payment method and more.

hwisel iOS & android app

Access EV Charging with an easy-to-use interface

View charge time and kWh

View charge history

Set and update payment method

FAQ for self-serve support

Available anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available

Our app is cyber-safe with a completely secured network

Commercial HWisel Mobile App Electric Car Charging

get the hwisel app now

Charge faster and safer, using next-generation technology and smart electric vehicle charging. Experience the advanced HWisel apps loaded with user-friendly features for all EV users.


Discover how to charge your electric vehicle effortlessly using the HWisel Mobile App with easy-to-follow instructions:

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