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Upgrade to Level 2 today for faster electric vehicle charging, cost savings, and seamless integration. Follow these simple steps to get started and unlock the full spectrum of benefits.

step 2: find Your Path to ev station setup

option 1: Purchase & Book Your all-inclusive installation slot

HWisel EV Charger Installation Service 2040 x2040 pxl
HWisel EV Charger Installation Service Experts 2040 x2040 pxl

EV Charger Installation

  • Available in Canada, Ontario
Regular price$150.00

Seize The Opportunity: Secure Full Rebates on Your EV Charger Purchase and Installation from Us

Premium Residential Plan Details:
  • Electrical Permit
  • Licensed, and trained, the electrical contractor provides the service
  • Fitting of the Charger on the wall, or to another permanent structure
  • Up to 15 meters (50 feet) of cable, run and clipped to the wall between the electricity supply panel Charger
  • Main panel breaker
  • Remote diagnostics
  • The fitting and testing of electrical connections and protections required for the Charger
  • $150 inspection fee (refundable on completion)

*The inspection fee of $150.00 encompasses the cost of assessing your setup and will be reimbursed upon installing the charger you acquire through HWisel.

We provide a comprehensive quote, and all details are explicitly outlined in the attached terms and conditions for your reference below.

option 2: Request a custom estimate for home installation

Tailor Your EV Charging Experience – Reach Out for Your Personalized and Free Installation Assessment.

Our dedicated advisors are eager to assess your project with a chosen HWisel's station or recommend a tailored one, and present you with a comprehensive proposal.

Getting started is simple – just fill out and submit the request with the form below. Once our licensed electrician reviews the details, we'll promptly reach out to you with the next steps.

NOTE: You Are Eligible For an Installation Rebate


Save money on Your EV Charger Installation! With your Hwisel EV Charger purchase, you qualify for a $50.00 rebate.

How To Apply? Simply email a copy of your installation invoice, with the name and address of the electrical contractor clearly
visible, marked paid to We will send you the Rebate by e-Transfer to your email on file within 10 business days.

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