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Multiple options for easy payments and EV charging management.

Commercial / Fleet Software

Unlocking the future of ev charging

We enable our customers to monetize their network and support business models. By building a Smart EV Charging Management System, we help to increase end-customer satisfaction and drive better results. We deliver high-technology and energy-saving EV charging solutions while optimizing operations, decreasing TCO, accelerating time-to-market, and increasing revenues.

Mobile app software

Accessible EV Charging with an easy-to-use interface

User Authorization

Cost-effective and help to optimize energy consumption

Multiple options for access and payment gateways

We provide customer service, the app version upgrade and technical support

Smart and off-peak dynamic charging aligned with smart regulations

Our app is cyber safe with a completely secured network.

Commercial HWisel Mobile App Electric Car Charging

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Charge faster and safer, using next-generation technology and smart electric vehicle charging. Experience the advanced HWisel apps loaded with user-friendly features for all EV users.


smart energy management software

Hwisel streamlines the charging experience for EV drivers while optimizing usage and revenue for charger owners

Access Control

Access control

Energy Metering

energy metering

Billing Management

Billing management

Load Management

Load management

History record

history record

Data Monitoring

data/activity monitoring

how does it work?

Hwisel Cloud-based System is a software module for EV charging energy management and demand response.

It manages near real-time load balancing for single chargers, sites with multiple chargers, or complete campuses encompassing numerous spots.

It allows us to monitor, maintain, and adjust energy consumption according to the business needs and priorities specified by the commercial/fleet manager. The level of power supplied to the chargers and energy utilization is visually displayed and can
be regulated according to EV and site requirements.

Open-source Operating Software
smart charging management system

iOS and Android Apps

EMP (E Mobility Provider) Operating System for EV Charging

Our Platform supports all OCCP-certified Chargers and enables Network Communications.

Real-time Monitoring and Data Reporting

Dynamic Energy Distribution to and from the Grid

Flexible and Configurative for Commercial Buildings, Fleets, and Multi-dwelling Units.

Charging Session Support, IT Assistance and Immediate Notifications

Intelligent Account(s) Management and Revenue Growth while Running your Business.

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