HWisel EVSIS 30kW, 80A - front view Image Size 2040x2040 pxl
HWisel EVSIS 30kW, 80A - side view Image Size 2040x2040 pxl
HWisel EVSIS 30kW, 80A - rear view Image Size 2040x2040 pxl
HWisel EVSIS 30kW, 80A - front view with size indicated Image Size 2040x2040 pxl
HWisel EVSIS 30kW, 80A - installed view Image Size 2040x2040 pxl

Hwisel EV (Electric Vehicle) Fast DC Charger, Level 3, 30kW, 80A, 480VAC

ϟ Quebec EV Charger Rebate Eligibility
  • Available in the USA* and Canada*

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30kW DC charger is The Right Tool for The Right Job at The Right Price!

Why opt for a fast Level 3 EV charging station?

The response is not always simple. Several factors should be considered, including the equipment's cost, installation requirements, the number of vehicles compatible with superfast DC charging, and the potential impact of direct current on the car's batteries.

This DC Fast Charger Easily Fits Your Needs And Infrastructure!

Game-changing design at an incredible price point!


  • EV dealers
  • Fleets
  • Supermarkets
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Public Event Space
  • Visitor Parking
  • Movie Theaters
  • Emergency Service
  • And More Commercial Areas...

Fast, but not too fast, to harm EV batteries!

Affordable, but not too expensive to benefit from DC charging!

+ Powerful Performance & Streamlined Design: Commercial DC Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station - EVSIS, 480 VAC. This EVSE 30 kW output charges up to 87 miles of added range per hour. High quality assurance. Safe and intuitive to use. The DC electric car charger is an entry-level DC charging station. It is a slim unit making it ideal for small and compact spaces.

+ Key Features: 

  • Networked or Non-Networked charger
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Compatible with all CCS vehicles
  • Front and side doors can be opened for maintenance
  • Charging time: 2hours (When 70kWh battery 20% ----> 80% charge)
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance
  • Advanced service support
  • Remote update for optimal operation
+ Specifications: 


  • Model: JC-9A31-30-CT
  • Number of Charging ports: 1, CCS Combo
  • Communication With EV: CE UL Compliant, IEC 61851 PLC certified. cUL (Canada) standards for safety: Tested to UL safety standards by CSA, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).
  • Display: Easy to use 12.1” LCD touchscreen interface showing energy dispensed and real-time cost.
  • Push Buttons: 1 physical emergency stop button
  • User Authentication / Identification: (ISO/IEC 1443 A/B) Mifare RFID Card Reader, Credit Card Payment Terminal / Credit Card Reader, Mobile App.

Smart Network Connectivity & Benefits: 

  • Data Protocol. This charger comes preloaded with an OCPP 1.6 open operating system (2,0,1 supported in 2024).
  • Smart Network Connectivity & Benefits. Intelligent Ethernet, Cellular, and WLAN Switching. User-friendly Web Portal. Simple configuration to any charging network. Easy network communication. Remote management and smart charging.

Software / Mobile App: iOS / Android. To learn more about the Software click here.


  • Input: 3Ø4W, 400VAC, 50/60Hz, Max.33kVA (CE Version) 3Ø4W, 480VAC, 60Hz, Max.33kVA (UL Version)
  • Input | THO: <5%
  • Output: Voltage: 150~1,000VDC(Max), Current: 80A(Max), Max power: 30kW
  • Power Factor: > 0.96 (Full Scale)
  • Charging Mode: CC, CV
  • Voltage Accuracy: ±1.0% (Full Scale)
  • Current Accuracy: ±1.0% (Full Scale)
  • Efficiency: > 94% (at rated voltage, rated current)
  • Isolation Impedance: 1OMΩ@1,000V

Environment. Indoor & Outdoor Use:

  • Operating Temp.: -30 °C ~ 50 °C / -22 °F ~ 122 °F
  • Working Humidity: < RH95% (Non-condensing)
  • Mounting Type: Easy wall or stand/poll mounted (optional accessory) is dedicated to electric vehicle owners who appreciate high quality and unique designs connected with functionality. It is rated for anti-shock and water resistance, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

 Safety Standard: 

  • Energy Star. MET & NTEP Certified.
  • Protection: Over voltage, Over current, Short-circuit, Over temperature, Earth leakage, Surge protection, and Contactor welding.
  • Feature Highlights: Advanced internal design created airflow between power modules to solve heat generation problems.
  • Device Maintenance: Front and side doors can be opened for maintenance.


  • Protection Degree: IP54 (NEMA 3R), IK10
  •  Energy Star Certified (as high energy-efficient) & NTEP Certified (manufactured with the US standards as adopted by NCWM).
  • Cooling: Forced air
  • Charging Cable Length (Standard): Standard connector with 19.7’ cable for use with all plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (NACS coming soon, Tesla can currently use the adapter provided with vehicles). We also provide a mounting bracket, user manual, mobile app, and live phone support for the installation and operation of the unit.
  • Dimensions: 650(W) x 622.4(H) x 325.1(D) mm (25.6(W) x 24.5(H) x 12.8(0) inch); Weight: 200 lb (91 kg)

+ Rebate Eligible. The powerful 30kW DC Charger, model JC-9A31-30-CT, is now officially approved for the DC Fast Charging Station in the Quebec 'Transportez Vert' program. You can check it out in the program's list, which showcases its compliance with high standards and support for eco-friendly transportation.

+ Easy & Convenient Installation. Hwisel EV offers seamless charger installation services for residential and commercial clients, managed by certified electricians for a hassle-free experience.

+ Warranty Protection: 2-year parts warranty with up to 5 years available.

Specification List: You can see and download the brochure with the specs here

Taxes are extra.


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