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Commercial EV kWh Billing Service

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Hwisel Commercial EV kWh Billing Service

Many homeowners live in condos where their parking spot is in the common area of the building. These parking spaces are not connected to the unit owner’s electrical meter but to the common electrical infrastructure of the building. Condominiums generally cannot deny reasonable requests by unit owners to have an EV charging station installed in their parking spot.  However, since they are providing electricity for the EV, they require that they be properly reimbursed.

EV drivers living in condos understand the practicality, convenience, and cost savings associated with an EV charging point installed at home.

The Hwisel Billing Service allows condo owners to meet the needs of the condo corporation with the proper collection of electricity consumption, settlement and reporting.

Plan Details:
  • Collection of electricity use kWh
  • Billing unit owners based on rates set by the condo corporation
  • Monthly reporting to unit owner and condo
  • Monthly settlement
  • Utility grade meter for accuracy
  • Credit card charges extra

This Service is fully cancellable on 30 days’ notice. No long-term contract. An internet connection to the charger is required. The service can only be provided on certain models of chargers. Please check with Hwisel before purchasing.


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